Fall Favorite Pieces – Old Navy

Thanks to the new Online stores from Gap Inc. I got a chance to take a good look at Old navy’s fall collection and I loved what I saw.

I loved how this season Old Navy is putting a twist on the Ivy league style and showing a new edgy side of a city girl and most of the items are less than $40. The sweaters look amazing and comfy and I loved the utility vest looks. Here are some of my favorite looks from their look book.

Love this trench coat for $59.50, Such a classic piece to have any wardrobe, add a fun color and it’s even better! Plus, it would’ve been a great piece to wear for the last couple of days and the rain storms we’ve had!

I’m a BIG fan of dresses and a BIGGER fan of floral prints. This knit woven sleeveless dress ($24.50) worn with a turtleneck underneath is so adorable. It’s such a flexible item to have for any season and for both work and play.

I love this look! Pairing up the utility vest ($29.50) with the always useful pair of riding pants ($29.50) and a basic turtleneck is a new twist on pieces you have from seasons before.

Great casual Friday look, fashionable yet work appropriate. Denim leggings ($39.50) and Hunting Jacket (44.50)

Great combination of a classic trench ($59.50) and a long swing coat sweater ($44.50) with a modern knit stripe shirtdress ($29.50)

I love this look, it’s a great mixture of everything good ,Fur Vest ($39.50), Chunky Cable Boyfriend Cardigan ($34.50), Ruffled Neck Top ($29.50), Straight Sateen Cargo ($34.50) from this season. Not all women can pull of this look but when it’s done right, it looks amazing!!!

I would wear this look! It’s perfectly suited for someone like me who’s always running around on my days off to run errands and have a quick bite with a friend. Utility Vest ($29.50), Denim Boyfriend Western Shirt ($34.50), Graphic tee ($15.50), Ponte Basic Skinny Pant ($29.50), Studded Duffle ($29.50)

What are your favorite looks or pieces from Old Navy this season? What’s on your wishlist?


**All pictures provided by Gap Inc Canada PR (thnx Denise!)


3 thoughts on “Fall Favorite Pieces – Old Navy

    1. Hi Bonnie, thanks for the comment and I couldn’t agree with you more!
      The floral skirt is actually a cute dress!!!! I thought it was a skirt at first too! It’s so adorable. Old Navy has definitely hit the trends this season.
      Stay tuned, I’m going to be doing a Fall season review of Gap and Banana Republic as well…More great finds to come!


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