Nordic Style Workshop: How To Build A Functioning Wardrobe


As you all know I attended a style workshop inspired by our friends from the Nordic region. I have to say I picked up couple of few tips from Sofia Hedstrom and Trine Kjaer that I think anyone who loves to stay stylish and probably on budget would appreciate. We all have those days when we open our closets and we are over whelmed by the amount of options; we spend lots of time to pick an outfit and are still not happy with the result. After listening to these style pros, I think the Scandinavian women have found the solution to this problem. Here are their tips: Continue reading “Nordic Style Workshop: How To Build A Functioning Wardrobe”

Fall Favorite Pieces – Old Navy

Thanks to the new Online stores from Gap Inc. I got a chance to take a good look at Old navy’s fall collection and I loved what I saw.

I loved how this season Old Navy is putting a twist on the Ivy league style and showing a new edgy side of a city girl and most of the items are less than $40. The sweaters look amazing and comfy and I loved the utility vest looks. Here are some of my favorite looks from their look book.

Love this trench coat for $59.50, Such a classic piece to have any wardrobe, add a fun color and it’s even better! Plus, it would’ve been a great piece to wear for the last couple of days and the rain storms we’ve had!

I’m a BIG fan of dresses and a BIGGER fan of floral prints. This knit woven sleeveless dress ($24.50) worn with a turtleneck underneath is so adorable. It’s such a flexible item to have for any season and for both work and play.

I love this look! Pairing up the utility vest ($29.50) with the always useful pair of riding pants ($29.50) and a basic turtleneck is a new twist on pieces you have from seasons before.

Continue reading “Fall Favorite Pieces – Old Navy”

Master Steaks – Restaurant Review

Now, to call this a “restaurant review” may be a bit of a stretch. As opposed to most other reviews, there will be no evaluations of ambience, service or decor. Master Steaks is the most random and obscure place (in fact, Solmaz “discovered” this place when she made a late-night visit there with an ex) but it is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy good food and adventures to in-middle-of-nowhere dives.

Master Steaks is a self-serve style diner/steakhouse. They serve a wide range of burger, grill and bbq dishes. If you enjoy a good steak, you will definitely enjoy the low-priced but good quality meat that they serve here. The servers are efficient and friendly and trust me, the ladies behind the counter will let you know if they think that you are choosing the wrong kind of topping/accompaniments on your steak or burger. Continue reading “Master Steaks – Restaurant Review”