Master Steaks – Restaurant Review

Now, to call this a “restaurant review” may be a bit of a stretch. As opposed to most other reviews, there will be no evaluations of ambience, service or decor. Master Steaks is the most random and obscure place (in fact, Solmaz “discovered” this place when she made a late-night visit there with an ex) but it is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy good food and adventures to in-middle-of-nowhere dives.

Master Steaks is a self-serve style diner/steakhouse. They serve a wide range of burger, grill and bbq dishes. If you enjoy a good steak, you will definitely enjoy the low-priced but good quality meat that they serve here. The servers are efficient and friendly and trust me, the ladies behind the counter will let you know if they think that you are choosing the wrong kind of topping/accompaniments on your steak or burger.

The interior is not much to look at. There are several tables and booths that look fairly new and clean but I don’t think the rest of the place has been renovated since it has opened. The best part of the restaurant decor is the old school menu board with the really old looking pictures. I know it’s kind of hard to see… but they have covered the old prices and pasted on the new ones right on top which means that they have been serving the same dishes for the last 15+ years.

Solmaz and I ordered the steak on a kaiser ($5.99) … which is basically just a big piece of steak between a bun. We also ordered a plate of fries ($3-4?) to share and a bottle of Keith’s (for moi) and a diet coke (for Solmaz.) We had a choice of toppings and sauces to accompany our “steak burger” which the server added when we were at the counter to pick up our food.

Usually I’m not a big meat eater but once in a while I will feel for a big piece of meat usually in the form of a burger. I must say that I really enjoyed the steak that was served burger style. The meat was cooked perfectly – medium as the server suggested – and it was tender and juicy at the same time. My toppings were fresh and crunchy (no limp lettuce or dry tomatoes) and our server was generous with the sauce. The fries were hot and crispy straight out of the fryer and they were the real potato kind with the skin and all.

The whole meal was simple but intensely satisfying. It really made me want to come back and try the bigger steak dishes although I’m not even a big meat eater –  the steak was that good.

I would definitely recommend Master Steaks for anyone who appreciates good quality steak for at budget friendly prices. It’s a laid back and casual kind of place where you can roll in at anytime of the day in some jeans and flip-flops. It’s not the fanciest place but hey, everyone needs a break from dressing up and going to chic downtown boîtes once in a while.

Master Steaks

5895 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON L4W 1E8 (905) 670-3313



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