Do Men Suffer More Than Women After Breakups?

I read an article with that title recently and I wasn’t sure how to react to it; my emotional side was all angry and making sarcastic mental comments and my logical side was analyzing what it was reading and finding it interesting.

According to the Journal of Health and Social Behavior when it comes to matters of the heart and failed relationships men suffer more than women do. This comes as a bit of shock since women are always characterized as the more sensitive one of the two sexes.

The reason behind men suffering more is due to having no emotional support to rely on when a relationship goes down south. Women have their mothers, sisters or friends to talk to cry with and try to get over it; guys on the other hand don’t have the same emotional support.

I find it hard to believe all guys lack that support. I think it’s a personal choice to go and share your feelings with someone when you need that emotional support after a breakup. But what do I know….

What do you guys think,do you agree with this new research. Take the poll and we’ll find out!



2 thoughts on “Do Men Suffer More Than Women After Breakups?

  1. 95% of the men by way of a Joke . so a man should be well prepared for the laugh of the Life upon him. Gone are the days when there were historical relations between the lovers..they swear not to depart till death.And now..Girls say..” if you is in the Que..” They have ultimate
    weapon to turn a lesbian but without caring for dignity..of family , friends, and country.I recall old days may come again..A man finds it very difficult
    for making a new nest..on the love tree.


    1. I still believe there could be that “old school” love between a man and woman. It’s true, some relationships are passive and quick but I don’t believe it’s fair to say 95% of women start a relationship as a joke. Guys too are notorious for saying/doing anything to get what they want from a woman. I still think a breakup is hard on both parties unless one person has invested way more than the other. Then that’s when things get a bit more difficult.

      Thanks for the comment!!


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