Do Men Suffer More Than Women After Breakups?

I read an article with that title recently and I wasn’t sure how to react to it; my emotional side was all angry and making sarcastic mental comments and my logical side was analyzing what it was reading and finding it interesting. According to the Journal of Health and Social Behavior when it comes to matters of the heart and failed relationships men suffer more … Continue reading Do Men Suffer More Than Women After Breakups?

Valentine’s Day

It’s near the end of January and people are slowly recovering from the holiday season. They are enjoying not hearing annoying carols and not having to rush around getting “just-the-right” gifts for their friends and family. Everyone sighs in big relief as the New Year rolls in and signals the end of holiday fatigue.  But…. just as they think that they are safe…bam! It hits them – … Continue reading Valentine’s Day

Choosing a good nights sleep over sex??

According to the new sleep study the Westin hotel chains conducted, people choose to have a good nights sleep than having sex, except in Canada!! The survey showed out of 10 countries, nine choose to sleep than have hot passionate sex. Funny part about the results are that most of the people who chose to sleep are men and not women. I can see this … Continue reading Choosing a good nights sleep over sex??