I Want To Be In Maldives

Conrad Resort Maldives

For the past few years I have this idea in my head that I must visit Maldives. It’s far, hard to get to and it’s crazy exotic with wonderful resorts and people who thought of every single thing to give you comfort while you’re enjoying the beautiful scenery of this country.

Here’s a little more about Maldives:

Malosmadulu atolls Maldives“Located southwest of India, the Maldives is a group of nearly 1,200 small coral islands that form an archipelago of 26 atolls spread out over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The geography of the islands is such that they are completely flat, which makes them ideal for effortless scenic strolls. Powder-soft beaches with spectacular ocean views lead to beautiful lagoons and beneath the water, the coral coastline forms an intricate underwater paradise resplendent with marine life. With its warm temperature and exceptional clarity, the water off the Maldivian coasts is renowned for breathtaking snorkeling and diving spots.

Each resort is set on its own island, offering seclusion and privacy, and many are well-known for having some of the largest and most luxurious over water villas of any island destination. The Maldives is in the forefront of resort development and a unique variety of superb resorts offering luxury’s finest trappings. Several features of note include spectacular over- and underwater gourmet restaurants, underground wine cellars, over-water villas with private plunge pools, private island picnics, and some of the most expansive spa facilities – even with underwater spa treatment rooms. Many guests choose to simply relax and soak up the soothing atmosphere on some of the world’s most picturesque beaches.

Options for transferring to resorts are based on distance, and short jaunts from the airport are achieved via speedboat or yacht, while resorts further out are reached by seaplane or domestic flight.”


Just thinking about planning the trip to Maldives and how to get there spins my head.  Maldives capital, Male, is located on its island and the international airport is on an island close to it all by its own. From then on there are a couple of options to get to your resort destination, either by domestic flights or taking a little boat trip between the islands. That’s all after figuring out how to get to Maldives, from London or Dubai, Sigh…., the shopping trips on the way back and forth.

While day dreaming about my vacation in Maldives, I came across a wonderful website called “Atoll Paradise” with a list of all luxury resorts in the islands and their pictures and pretty much everything you need to know about each place.

Even though it’s going to be awhile before I get to go to Maldives and spend roughly about $1200 per night on my luxury resort villa on top of the Indian Ocean, I can use these lovely pictures to day-dream about all the things I would do while I’m there.


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