I Don’t Care About Your Children

Dear baby/child obsessed mothers,

I think it’s great that you’re a doting and attentive mother but please stop talking about your baby or child or children. Don’t gush when they start walking or talking – they’re all supposed to at some point or the other. Don’t gush about how cute they are – all babies look the same until they actually become people. Your child is not a genius because they got an A in Grade 3 Math – it can all go downhill from there. No, I don’t think their little episodes or comments are “precious” or “cute” – don’t all kids  do stuff like that anyway?

I’m single, I don’t like kids – please spare me the baby/children talk. They give me nightmares. I’ll listen to you when I’m ready for children.

Until then, please don’t talk to me about your children. I really don’t care. 


image from svmomblog.typepad.com


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