Chris Assaad & Rebel Emergency at Drake Hotel: Review

We had an awesome night on last Thursday night at the Drake Hotel Underground. As Solmaz mentioned here, we caught Chris Assaad’s performance as well as Geoff & Roddy’s from Rebel Emergency.

Drake Underground was a great intimate venue that allowed us to really enjoy the “real music” that was performed that night.

We were somewhat familiar with Chris’s music since our friend had suggested him to us, but had no idea what to expect of Rebel Emergency. To be honest, I rarely listen to anything that’s remotely like Chris Assaad’s music and I admit I had pre-conceived notions of what it would be like as a live performance. (I’m not a “roots/indie/folk” kinda gal…)

However, I was pleasantly surprised – these musicians and singers were obviously talented and the excitement they had for their music was very infectious.

Geoff and Roddy were just two of a four-person band, Rebel Emergency, but their acoustic set sounded amazing. They opened the night for Chris Assaad. I could totally see Roddy getting crazy with the full band and a big crowd. Their songs were an easy-going blend of ska/rock/reggae –  I think I would definitely go to one of their shows.

After a few songs from the duo, Chris Assaad came onto the stage with his band. His sound is as equally eclectic as Rebel Emergency but more reggae/folk/rock/soul. Chris’s songs were heartfelt and the passion he had for his music was palpable. He chose a few songs from his album ” Glory Fire” and a new song that he wrote. Being at the show made me appreciate his songs in a different way – it’s so hard to get the same kind of vibe from a recording.

All in all, Solmaz and I really enjoyed Chris’s show and it allowed us to appreciate our home-grown talent in the city.

I will defnitely make an effort to catch more of their shows and other indie artists around the city this summer.

For more info on Rebel Emergency, go here.

For more info on Chris Assaad, go here.



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