Greece, $950 Billion worth Of Hope

Greek Economy Victim 2010

My friend is getting married this summer, well, exactly in 2 month from today. She’s marrying a wonderful Greek guy and I’m so happy for the both of them. Their wedding is being held in Greece and both them and the guests are extremely excited about this destination wedding. The Greek groom is always going on about how the Greeks do it best, so I can’t wait to find out if he actually has the right to brag.

Although excited about the upcoming festivities I can’t shake the horrible feeling that’s in the back of my mind about the Greek economy and how south it’s going. I heard in the news today that EU is setting up a crisis fund to help Greece. They came up with $950 billion to help their unfortunate neighbour. I wonder what would have happened if they haven’t finally decided to do this. More violence, more crime, who knows. I had this image in my head that Greece would’ve divided up between the neighbouring countries, or divide up in to little pieces like U.S.S.R did.

hopefully now all that would be just a scary thought and everything would be in good shape or on its way by the time we get there.


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