Vote for Andrew Garcia!!

I’m not a big, huge fan of American Idol (uhummm…I live in Canada! haha) but I try to catch the auditions because they never fail to deliver a crazy, delusional, humiliating audition by some unfortunate person. Yes, I’m mean but we all watch the audition part because of those bad singers.

This time around I totally fell in love with a 24-year-old dad Andrew Garcia and his voice. Here’s a young brilliant musician who’s only trying to make the best out of his talent and give his family a better surviving chance.

I ended up cheering for him after hearing his rendition of Paula Abdul song, Straight up. I did a little research on YouTube and found so many videos of Andrew and his friends singing, playing music and the more I watched those videos more I think this guy got a chance at winning the AI title.

So Vote for him! Let him try his best to be a talented artist.

Watch the video of Straight up from AI here and check out The Adrian William Project where he was a former member. Enjoy!!


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