Here I Though I Was Being Good!

You know when you’re up late and hungry? It’s too late to eat food and it’s still a long time till breakfast time. So i was experiencing one of those nights and i though I was being good and just settling for some yogurt and fruit, peach is my favorite!

Chobani Greek yogurt with peach

So I sat down with my yogurt and continued watching my 2am rerun of Top Gear. This fruity yogurt was a new brand I never heard of, Chobani. I got that day from McEwan and excited about trying it.

It tasted different from other brands I’ve tried, creamy yet still felt like I was eating cottage cheese, YUCK! But I still didn’t mind the yogurt and I finished it.

After I put the last spoon in my mouth I started reading the labels around the little container and the more I read, the more I felt guilty about eating my healthy snack.

Greek yogurt, non-fat, 140 calories!!! What the hell…… That’s a meal!!!

So late night snackers be aware, read the label before you eat away. You never know what you’re getting yourself into, a night of guilt and the need to go for a run!


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