Valentine’s Day

It’s near the end of January and people are slowly recovering from the holiday season.

They are enjoying not hearing annoying carols and not having to rush around getting “just-the-right” gifts for their friends and family. Everyone sighs in big relief as the New Year rolls in and signals the end of holiday fatigue. 

But…. just as they think that they are safe…bam! It hits them – it’s another holiday, almost as ubiquitous and expensive as Christmas – it’s Valentine’s Day.

I hate Valentine’s Day. I think it’s the most useless day EVER. I never really understood the concept… Why have one designated day to show your love to your other half? Maybe I’m stupid but I’ve never quite grasped that concept.

I’ll be straight up before I launch into my diatribe against Valentine’s Day – I mean I should be honest about myself right? Maybe y’all think there’s something wrong with me. I should admit…

1. I’m not a romantic . (Although… I do appreciate romantic gestures – I appreciate what you are trying to express…Apologies to any of my exes if I seemed like I never liked any of that stuff…)

2. I’m currently single. (I enjoy being single… and I never liked Valentine’s Day even during the years I was a part of a couple.)

3. I think the red and white scheme is totally tacky and contrived. (Ugh…try to come up something more original than red roses or a white teddy bear with a red heart stuck to its middle.) 

4. I don’t like doing things that everyone else is doing. (We are supposed to be human beings..not sheep.)

I think your love for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner should be beyond the mundane banality of Valentine’s Day. If you love him/her you should show them everyday. Buy them flowers for no good reason (but no red roses… unoriginal…try for yellow roses or sunflowers or orchids). Take them out for nice dinner out of the blue. Go for a romantic weekend away just because you feel like it.

Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to do something nice for your other half. There’s nothing worse than your boyfriend or girlfriend being obliged to buy a gift or to plan something just because it’s V-Day.

This year, skip the whole tacky holiday and celebrate it everyday. Be with someone who embraces your relationship and love everyday. If they really love you, they wouldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to show you. And well… if they don’t…dump that loser right now!



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