NYE and what comes with it…

Happy New Year

I thought being about 4 hours away from singing in the new year would be a good time to share my feelings about the night ahead and all the partying that comes with it. Frankly, I hate them! I’ve done my share of nye partying and even though I think they’re all fun and fabulous once in a while or when you’re in your early 20s as I got older just the hassle of sorting through party invitations and finding the right one with the hopes of it being a great one just tired me.

Not only the parties are super expensive, just getting yourself set up with a nice outfit and shoes and hair and makeup can take lots of cash. The idea of paying about $100 to get into a good party and another $200 to $400 for an outfit to be seen in just doesn’t make me want to get out. Oh yeah, almost forgot about the cab ride and the drinks at the party! Sigh….

What I do like doing for nye is having friends over and sharing few drinks, maybe eat dinner and ring in the new year with good company and a casual setting that everyone can enjoy. Another one of my favorite things to do is to stay home and watch TV and block all the nye stuff out and that’s what I’m planning to do today. So friends and family, I love you all but I ain’t answering my phone till tomorrow.

I’m planning to watch a few movies, have a beer and sleep early and sleep in tomorrow….

With that said,



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