I'm sorry, you don't have the criteria….

Mr. Right
I haven't found Mr. Right but I found all the rest of them! lol

Everybody I know has a list in their head when it comes to their potential mates. It could be a physical need or personality or mixture of both them. Some people are more forgiven and flexible when it comes to their lists than others. Let’s say they’ll sacrifice the height requirements for bit more of a colorful personality, swapping 6 packs with a bit of belly and a fat wallet (uhem, Gold Digger!!! haha), you get the idea.I never actually consciously made a list, I’m more of a go with the flow girl but I have standards! hahah

I thought it would be maybe fun to make list to see if I can figure out what I like in a men. I dated enough of them, been in relationships and by now I should have an idea….


So, here it goes…

– Age – I have 5 yr age limit, I find it I get along with my generation better than the older ones.

– Some one who’s ambitious in their work life, but no workaholics.

– I’m not picky about the physical attributes, dated tall ones, short ones, fit ones and not so fit ones. I always said as long as they’re not smaller than me, we’re good to go! lol

– Interesting personality, I want to learn new things from him. I’m all about actually growing up and learning new things together.

– Creativity and being handy is very important, I’m always running around with new projects and I want a partner who can hold up their own when it comes to these types of things.

– World traveler, I was lucky enough to travel all around the world and experience new cultures and things and I want someone who enjoys taking off for a week to go city hopping.

– Family guy, good relation with his family. Well, within reason, I’ve heard in-laws could be in the way sometimes. haha

– He has to have his own friends and a life outside of a relationship, I find couples who just hangout with each other annoying and boring.

– This point is a little shallow maybe but I find it important, he MUST have a car!!! I drive myself everywhere and sometimes I enjoy being driven around. If you’re wondering, yes I like nice cars, no room for negotiation on this one! :S

– Last criteria is one of the most important ones in my list and it’s the dumbest one.lol, I can not stand hairy men! Sorry guys, chest hair, back hair make me a bit grossed out. 😦

Hmmm, I can’t think of other things…so far I’ve been lucky to stay true to this list but finding a healthy ratio of the above criteria is very tricky. I have to be honest though make this list was fun though because it made me think of all the good attributes of boyfriends past and what attracted me to them. So cheers guys for making my list and thanks for making it easier to find Mr. TdotRight! 🙂

p.s.: The list was made with the understanding that the following groups got no chance: drunks, druggies, criminals, psychos, bums and etc. Just wanted to put that out there..lol…


One thought on “I'm sorry, you don't have the criteria….

  1. Heloo…i red your post and found it so interesting…because I can relate to it…me too waiting for my Mr right!
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