So its that time of the year for the prettiest of them all come together and compete. I use to watch Miss Universe, Miss World and all of them shows when I was younger but now, it all doesn’t seem that important. I rather be running around the town with my friends doing whatever than sit inside and watch the show.

Today I decided to watch the show. In order to be able to make a good guess about who’s going to win this year I thought I should go on to the official Miss Universe website so i can see the picture of the girls.
There are some pretty girls and super young! I know, I just sounded creepy but I always get surprised when I look at people’s pictures and I think “oh they’re my age, or oh she looks old!” and then I realize that half of them are about 10 years younger than me. It’s all that makeup, throws me off!

Anyways, so far using the ranking system on the website Miss Indonesia is winning! My personal favorite is Miss Iceland since I just can’t get her name write! haha, Sounds mean but I love her name, Ingibjorg Egilsdottir…don’t know the meaning of the name and can’t read it, and that’s what makes her my favorite.

So I hope she wins!!!

Another thing I found out on the Miss Universe website was the performers on the show, Flo rider, David Guetta and Kelly Rowland and god awful Heidi Montag from the Hills!!!! I don’t know how she got this gig but I really feel bad for the people who have to sit through her performance and unlike me can’t just change the channel! lol

I wonder if she actually gonna sing “Live”. I guess we’ll find out!
Stay tuned the show begins in 90mins!


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