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VW Freedriving Tour – 2012 Beetle

Over the weekend I checked out the VW Freedriving Tour in Toronto and gave 2012 Beetle a try on their closed course. I can’t wait to see the video they have of me freaking out about the “ice surface” area of the course. The car itself was a joy to drive, powerful, spunky and comfortable. I was pleasantly surprise to see that the beetle was one of the most popular cars being tested by the VW car fans. Here’s a video I took of my mom giving the Beetle a go. She loved the car! Check back soon for updates on this posts with more videos of our driving day, mean times sign up for a day of fun with Volkswagen Canada on the Freedriving Tour website! Solmaz

Volkswagen Freedriving Tour 2012

It’s that time of the year again when Volkswagen Canada invites all VW fans to join them on a weekend of fun to celebrate and to test out the German engineering and design of their beloved cars. VW Freedriving Tour is every car lovers dream experience; closed course, lots of twists and turns and guidance of a professional instructor. I had an amazing time last year at the event and I had to go back and test out the 2012 lineup. This year’s event is even more special since it’s Volkswagen’s 60th year anniversary in Canada annnnnd I have waited for a year to get to drive the 2012 Beetle.