New Market Sunflower Farm

Day trip: Sunflower Field

Wondering around under the warm Summer sun in Sunrise Sunflower Farm in Newmarket…love short drives to pretty places.

Pretty calm farm, not a lot of people roaming around at least while we were there and the people who greeted us from the farm were very nice. The only downside is that the farm looks a bit messy and a bit junk yard like, but Im sure as they settle in they hopefully clean things up a bit more.

The Yellow Duck picture turned out to be our favourite moment as we had to tilt our heads in a way to cover the blue bins at the foot of the duck. Team work with my mama for editing the picture as we took it! 😀

Although there is room for improvement, I thought the $10/pp entry fee was worth the nice walk in the field and stroll along the Water Lily pond. I like the fact that I could hear myself think and carry a conversation without having to dodge other people and their Instagram moments. For a Covid friendly outing, this place was great!

Sunflower Quotes - Unwavering and sunflower to the Sun

Unwavering and faithful….Like a sunflower to the Sun



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