I’m Obsessed with Wrapped clothing!!

IMG_7124My obsession with wrap tops and dresses is not a new thing but it went on over drive after picking up couple of them for my recent trip to Mexico and now all I see is wrap things. Real wrap, faux wrap, dresses or tops. I don’t discriminate.

This little fuzzy pictured red number is from me quickly taking a selfie before I pack for my trip.

I found some lovely wrap options for Summer time that I share with you in this post. A lot of them are from Nordstrom, since I was doing some online shopping been during their recent sale. So, please don’t be judging!!

Scroll down to find the links to each item.


  1. Midi Wrap Dress by Hinge
  2. Ruffle Seersucker Crop Top by Socialite

Now all I have to look for are some short heeled sandals in fun colours. Any suggestions? I hate shoe shopping….






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