Cologne Cathedral – High Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Mary…… #EuroTrip

Cologne Cathedral is a must see for anyone visiting Cologne, it’s see humbling to look at a monster of building and learn about its’ past and how it took almost 700 yrs to finish. This Gothic style building watches over all the other buildings since 1248 and I can’t even imagine the things it has witnessed and survived during all these years. We decided to take a look inside and eventually get ready to climb the 533 steps all the way up to the viewing platform (322 ft) above the ground to take a better view of the city.


Now it’s time to climb those 533 steps….kill me now……these spiral staircases are not as wide as it looks in this picture and they just happen to be both for going up and down the tower. I paid for this climb for 4 days after……


Finally at the top and here’s our view of Rhine river and Cologne.

While at the Cathedral i did a bit of TV personality sighting. Christian Haeckl of RTL was getting ready for his weather segment!


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