A Day In Brussels…… #EuroTrip

My second stop on my Euro trip is Brussels, Belgium. I was very excited to explore Brussels and see Grand Place in person. Well, I did! Even though 24hrs is not enough time to judge a city I never been to before, I was a bit disappointed of Brussels. We were all disappointed. There’s so much potential for Brussels to be a great tourist destination but unfortunately it’s not. The city needs a good scrub down to clean all the caked down dust and dirt that has covered all the beautiful architecture since the beginning of time….. But I want to show you guys the few good parts about our day in Brussels, so keep reading.

A – Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula

Walking through the city to get from our hotel (Hotel Bloom) to Grand Place we stumbled on this Gothic style church. So pretty….

B – Grand Place

Brussels central square has been on top of my to see list since I started planning this trip with my group. I wanted some beer and fries to go with this view! 🙂

The Grand Place is even more beautiful at night with all the lights and of course a pint of Belgian beer. Perfect place to end our less than 24hrs trip to Brussels.


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