L’Entrecôte Porte-Maillot ….

Celebrating Persian new year in Paris meant that we had to have a festive and delicious dinner. My cousin recommended L’Entrecôte Porte-Maillot for our celebrations. A prefixed menu of salad, 2 main courses which were the same and dessert and of course house wine!

To start our delicious dinner, salad of lettuce with walnuts and mustard vinaigrette.

and for the main dishes #1 and 2 steak-frites served with a tasty sauce….

Some wine….

To end the night we got lucky and the lady who makes the desserts helped us pick out 4 sweet delights. They were so tasty!

The tastiest of all the dessert was the plate of Les profiterolles au chocolat, delicate and filled with yummy goodness…..

Even though the food at Entrecote was delicious, I can say I have had better food at other restaurants for way less. I would definitely recommend trying out their desserts, they were worth every penny! Another thing to keep in mind is that there are no other options for the main course at this restaurant, so if you’re a vegetarian you might want top skip this Paris foodie landmark!

Bon Appétit


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