Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD: Bring The Big Screen Home!

When I think about projectors I think of the theater. Thanks to Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD people like me can get the same BIG screen experience at home. Think of MegaPlex as a portable projector for all your multimedia devices (idevices, PC, Xbox, smartphones, DVD, memory sticks) and pretty much anything else that connects through a USB, HDMI and gazillion other cable options offered by MegaPlex…. The possibilities are endless!

Epson MegaPlex’s  connectivity options only means that I have lots of different ways to test out this puppy. First up, the Super Bowl for any TV junkie, The Golden Globes. I know, it’s a bit out there, but I had to start from somewhere. 🙂

Yes, that's George Clooney!!

One of the good things about the idevice dock on the MegaPlex is that it provides simultaneous charging, which means no drained battery….

and…I even can attach my brand spanking new BlackBerry Bold to be used as a USB memory device. Interestingly enough, I found projecting individual picture files through BlackBerry easier than the iPhone which only projects pictures through the slideshow mode.

Yes, I carry a picture of my shoes in my phone..hahaha

Although I’m impressed by MegaPlex’s capabilities to project multimedia files from different devices, I was very excited for one particular device. My Wii!

The sound and picture quality that MegaPlex creates is the perfect thing for any gamer. Here’s  a little video of MegaPlex + Wii in action….Mario Kart rules!!!

All together the MegaPlex is a great projector that can be used at home, office and outdoors. After a few days of using the system I wished I had a basement so I could set up the MegaPlex and have my own hometheater. But for now my big white wall in the living room has to do the job. 🙂



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