Thank You For Your Support

A few weeks ago I asked you all to help me and sponsor me for the Toronto Aids Walk. I was touched by everyone’s support and the generous donations to this cause, so THANK YOU, it meant a lot! This year Scotiabank Aids Walk for Life Toronto raised $430,000 for the Aids Committee of Toronto. Yay!

As promised in return I made stickers with everyone’s names on it and wore them proudly during the walk. It started a lot of conversations with other walkers and of course it made me feel like I have the support of lots of people with me during the walk. So thank you and here are the pictures. 🙂

Getting ready for my closeup!

I tried making each sticker unique, some were easy, some were hard. I liked how they came out for the first time. I’m excited to come up with new ideas for next year!

Doesn't matter what our name is, we did a great thing!

There are a couple of people who donated to the cause a bit too late, so I don’t have any stickers for them. BUT I still appreciate the generosity and next yr I will make super awesome  stickers for those people! 🙂

Also, because of all your donations I was a “Star Walker” and I got a surprise present from the committee. As a thank you I will gift this goodie bag to one of my sponsors. I will notify the winner through email about how, when and where I can get their gifts to them.

I’ll be emailing out the personalized sticker pictures out soon. Thank you all again and hope I can count on your support next year!




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