Sponsor Me For The AIDS Walk For Life!

It’s that time of year when I do one of my favorite community/fundraising activities of the year, I’m doing the AIDS Walk For Life walk on September 25th. My goal is to raise $500 and I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

Support me on this walk by clicking the link below to make a secure donation to sponsor me. As a thank you gift for your sponsorship and donation, I will have a sticker on my shirt on the day of the walk with your name on it. It’s like you’re at the walk with me!! The more sponsors I have, the more ridiculous I will look with all the stickers on me. So keep them coming!!!

Here’s the link to my personal ScotiaBank AIDS Walk For Life sponsor page:


I will also send a picture of me pointing at the sticker with your name, consider it a fun swag for the donation you made!! 😉

Thank you all in advance, this means a lot!!!!!


To learn more about this amazing event and the work they do check out ScotiaBank AIDS Walk For Life website!


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