Starfish Oyster Bar & Grill….

I still remember the first time I had mussels, I was maybe 12. We were visiting a family friend just outside Paris and our hosts had made us mussels. I think I liked it when I had it, my mom was a bit concerned about my sister and I eating unfamiliar food while on vacation but it all turned out alright. Since then I always get these random cravings for mussels. I find them DELICIOUS!!

When my friend, the human Urban Spoon, suggested Starfish for our Summerlicious lunch option I was super excited. Starfish is a charming little place on Adelaide st east and I’m ashamed that I never knew they existed.

The lunch menu was filled with yummy food from the sea and we were excited to try everything. 

Shucker Paddy’s Canadian Oyster Plate
Manhattan clam chowder
Feast for 2 – MASSIVE amount of freshly made fries for 2….so good….

Peach & Raspberry Cobbler
Chocolate Brownie with orange crème fraiche

I really enjoyed my experience at Starfish (Thanks Urban Spoon for the birthday lunch!) and probably would go back there to cure my mussels cravings. For next time I’m going to make sure I get a seat at the bar so I can watch the oysters being shucked, it would be fun to watch and learn.

Helpful Tip: Make reservations ahead of time (It was packed when I was there!) and if anyone in your party cancels on you, let the restaurant know. The day we went for our lunch we had a couple of people who canceled on us and when we told one of the staff it’s going to be 2 instead of 4 people, he informed us VERY aggressively that we would be charged for 4 people (empty threats!). But to avoid the angry man and his threats, keep them up to date when it comes to the head count.

Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill: 100 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, 416-366-7827



5 thoughts on “Starfish Oyster Bar & Grill….

  1. Oh God, I was skimming your post and thought that I read that you ate star fish. I had to go back and read it again! HAHA. Anyways, love the pics and how you start with a story.


    1. lol…now eating a star fish would be a hell of a story, no? 😉
      Its weird how little memories like that gets engraved in my memory. I’m glad you enjoyed it!



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