Jeanne Beker – EDIT Holiday 2010

"I'm not a designer, I have too much respect for designers to become one"

This past Thursday I attend the preview for EDIT’s Holiday pieces. Jeanne Beker of Fashion Television was present at the Queen st. location of The Bay to introduce the new pieces to media, fashion lovers, friends and family. The night started with the president and CEO of The Bay and a close friend of Jeanne, Bonnie Brooks, welcoming the guests and introducing the guest of honor, Jeanne Beker.

Ms. Beker shared few of her memories of being in the fashion industry and how her collaboration with The Bay gave birth to EDIT. During her presentation she was so excited to share the new designs with all women, specially women in their 30s and up, the simple ways of introducing pieces from the EDIT collection to any wardrobe thanks to its neutral colors (black, gray, white and pops of red).

Jeanne also talked about the process behind coming up with new ideas for the line and how she is not the designer but just the person who works close with the designers of the pieces and “edits” them.  At the end of the presentation, Jeanne answered some questions from the audience who were eager to know more about the line or share their heartfelt stories.

EDIT is available across the country only at The Bay stores.


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