Talk About Making A Statement – Sandra Lynn Designs

A couple of weeks ago while at my day job I got to meet Sandy, the creative mind behind Sandra Lynn Designs. Sandy has made beautiful jewellery for the past 7 years and her pieces are unique and bold. All the pieces are limited in numbers, depending on availability of the material used for each item. I love that about custom jewellery since you know no one else is going to walk in to a party wearing the same necklace you’re wearing.

I got a chance to look through Sandy’s collection of necklaces and bracelets recently and I fell in love with their bold colors and how they stand out on their own like true statement pieces. All of the pieces made by Sandy are sterling silver and semi precious stones, price ranging anywhere from $130 to $270.

Here are some of my favorite pieces!

I love this bracelet, it's a chunkier version of The Links of London Sweetie bracelet...Love it!!

While I was there I got to take a look at a good selection of jewellery pieces by other designers that complement Sandy’s collections and  are more budget friendly as well. There’s something for everyone! I actually found a beautiful turquoise watch in one of her displays that I joyfully bought and added to my collection of watches. So, Yay, one more thing off my wishlist. (pictures to come!)

If you’re interested to know more about Sandra Lynn Designs contact Sandy at


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UPDATE: Sandy is going to be at the “Our Kinda Gift & Craft Show” at North Thornhill Community Center (300 Pleasant Ridge Ave.) on Sunday November 28th from 10:30 – 3:30pm.
Don’t forget to check her beautiful pieces out!



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