Men’s Fashion Tip – Back Dart Shirts

I realized most of the fashion posts we have is more catered to the women and I thought I should share a little styling tip with the boys.

Working in the retail business for so long I’ve seen so many guys struggle to find a right shirt to fit their bodies. Tall slim guys or guys who are more built on the shoulders than their torso have to go a size up sometimes to compensate for the length they need or just being able to fit the biggest part of their upper body (shoulders); resulting in more sloppy and baggy fits.

I have a cure for this problem, well I didn’t come up with it personally haha, I found it via a fashion photographer/expert’s blog, The Sartorialist. The back dart in men’s shirts seems to be the key to this problem all the way from Italy. Since most men’s shirts I’ve seen don’t come with the back darts you can easily make friends with a tailor and get them taken in for a very cheap price.

I think it looks amazing and just adds a bit of detail to the over all look. Remember it’s all about the details.



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