New MTV Show – Downtown Girls – What Were They Thinking?

I’m not a big TV watcher. Usually I’m too busy with other things plus I’m one of those people who really can’t stay still for long periods of time because I get fidgety like a kid.

However, I do make exception for a few shows. I shamefully own up to watching “Gossip Girl” and “The City”. Yes, go ahead and make fun of me for my quality TV show selections. Mostly I watch for them for the “fashion-y” stuff. There is some amazing shoe and bag porn on those shows.

Anyways, I watched tonight’s episode of “The City” with my sister and this new show from MTV called “Downtown Girls” was on right after. My first thought was …`Ugh…what a mess…what were they thinking?’ It’s another “scripted” reality show chronicling the lives of 20-somethings in New York City.

Here are some of the things that were running through my head…

First of all, if I’m watching people on TV they better be well put-together and prettier than the average person. These girls were average and not well put-together at all. (Some of the things they were wearing were making my sister and I cringe… for godsakes… you’re from NYC, it’s in your blood to be well-dressed.) Secondly, more than a couple of girls were guilty of talking like the teenagers from “Laguna Beach” – not cool when you’re a 20-something woman living in the city. Thirdly, I know it’s a new show and all, but why is the producing so low-budget??? Ugh…seriously… this show offended my senses.

Yes, I know I’m shallow but come  on… if I’m watching a show about 20-somethings who are from the fashion capital of North America they better be slick enough to represent the city. Besides, I don’t watch TV to see people who are average, I watch TV to see people who are prettier and skinnier than me. If I wanted to watch average people, I’d go to the mall.

There it is, my brief review/rant about the new show, “Downtown Girls”. Unless they recast the show or give these girls a stylist I will probably not be watching the show. Let’s see how this “reality show” does.

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