Dear Sir…

Today was an amazing day with the sun shining and nice a breeze going on. The only thing that put a damper on my excellent sunny day was witnessing this bad choice by a fellow sun lover.

Dear Sir, please don’t make me have to look at this while I’m walking down one of Toronto’s fashionable streets. If you’re a guy who is out of shape and is not planning to get in shape, please for the love of god don’t buy skinny white jeans and wear them in public. It’s a wrong fit, the pockets are waaaaaaaaaaay down on the back and why are you shoving crap in them pockets. Sigh…

As a woman I can say if I ever see anything like this on a guy, I would run the other way and run VERY fast. My advice to guys, stick with straight or boot cut jeans, they work with pretty much all body types and they look so much nicer and put together and saves the rest of us from disasters like this.

Oh Dear



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