Trashy romance novels have the best titles ever!

I’m surprised that Solmaz hasn’t beat me to this post but I have to tell everyone… we absolutely love trashy romance novels! Not the actual books per se, but their awesome titles and covers. Yes, I’m talking mostly about the Harlequin kind – the ones with half-naked couples draped across the front with some absolutely inane title.

Not to diss the authors or anything… these novels are written purely for entertainment and fantasy and as formulaic as they may be, there is an art to the writing of romance novels. Of  course, my favorite parts of these books are the… titles!

The title always includes a prince, a sheikh, a millionaire/billionaire (I’d take billions over millions anytime :p), or a tycoon who are always seducing some lovely young thing.

Of course, I think it depends on which “genre” of romance novels… I think there are different kinds. I’m talking about the ones where some little nobody ends up with some powerful alpha male type. Of course, the couple is together because of sketchy reasons. There is always some ridiculous intrigue by including something about blackmail, secret baby mamas, “being purchased” for sex etc. It seriously brings the lolz.


“Bride, Bought and Paid For” 

“The Tycoon Takes a Wife”

“The Brazilian Millionaire’s Love-Child”

and our favorite, “Wedlocked: Banished Sheikh, Untouched Queen”

I think I forgot to mention it also helps if the hero is something foreign and therefore, this is sexy? I don’t quite understand that part… I guess to the average reader he is hotter if he is Italian/Spanish/some kind of Middle-Eastern/Greek/French or even sometimes, British.

Anyways, follow the links if you are interested in browsing these books. They are the absolutely best if you want something to laugh over with your girlfriends or buy a few and read the dirty parts when you get bored!



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