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I Can’t Believe They Used To Be Hot…

I’ve been a bum and have not posted a lot lately – I’m trying to remedy that over the long weekend. My plans are to catch up on sleep and to catch up on the blog. 🙂

I happened to watch a very random movie today – 9 1/2 weeks. Yeah, that’s right. It’s that movie where Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger are in a crazy, tumultuous affair with lots of supposedly racy sex scenes (the sex scenes are pretty tame compared to more recent movies.)

I watched it for a variety of reasons – one, Mickey Rourke used to be beautiful, two, Kim Basinger used to be beautiful (and is still beautiful) and three, it’s such a cult classic that I had to watch it.

I want to repeat – Mickey Rourke used to be so beautiful. After watching this movie, I fell in love with someone who does not exist anymore.

Speaking of people used to being beautiful… it would be may be a stretch to call him “hot” or “beautiful” but can you believe that Vince Vaughn used to be quite attractive back in the days? The whole Mickey Rourke thing reminded me of him because I saw a clip of the movie “Swingers” on TV and a very young Vince Vaughn was in it. I remember thinking – is that Vince Vaughn in that movie? and wow, he used to be slim and attractive.

Seriously people, who woulda thunk it?


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  1. Melanie says

    YES! Vince Vaughn use to be so hot! And then he just let himself go when he turned to comedy! His best movies were “Swingers” “A Cool Dry Place” “Return to Paradise” “The Locusts” “Clay Pigeons”…and then he just started to let himself go after that, turning into a slob! He had so much potential!!


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