The Beautiful Men of “The Tudors”

I randomly went and found some pictures of the two gorgeous men from the show “The Tudors”. (I think it was because Solmaz was drooling over Channing Tatum in some terrible movie and that got me thinking about other Hollywood hotties…)

I love “The Tudors” not only because it’s a great show with interesting characters and engrossing (albeit, overly dramatic) storylines, but also because Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill are so amazingly beautiful. JRM as Henry VIII is unbelievably intense and hot and Henry as Charles Brandon is all charm and killer bod.

Very very different boys but both are oh-so-hot…  JRM looks dirty (as in hot in bed) and dangerous while Henry Cavill  looks like he could charm the pants off (quite literally) every woman he meets.

If I met either of them in real life or anything like either of them in real life… I’d definitely take the boy home with me and it won’t be for him to meet my parents. 😉

Happy Saturday – I hope you meet someone hot!


Jonathan Rhys Meyer from “Detail” Magazine, Henry Cavill in a Dunhill Ad


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