Just wash your damn hands!!!

Wash your hands

One of my biggest “gross” moments is when guys don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom to pee. Even though %95 my guy friends agree with me on how gross and disgusting that is, some of them argue that they don’t really touch anything, so why should they wash their hands.

I remember the first time I had my guy friends over to hang out, I told them when they’re in my house they have to wash their hands after using the washroom and wash their hands if they’re getting something from the kitchen. I have no issues when it comes to telling them how nasty it is when they don’t wash their hands, even at work, if I notice someone not washing their hands after using the washroom, I’ll bring up the topic somehow and make sure they know I think they’re gross. It amazes me how people are so careless specially after the Swine-flu and Sars and all sorts of other diseases going around.

All that said, imagine how I felt after I realized that the repairman my internet company had sent for me to fix my modem did not wash his hands after using my washroom. So GROSS!!! I was so shocked. I ended up taking an hour and cleaning everything he touched before and after the washroom incident. I was so shocked, I always thought repair men for big companies have to go through some sort of repairmen etiquette courses before they are released in to the world. You know, take your shoes off, be clean, wash your hands after using the washroom, be polite. Sigh….or is that just a myth and there are no courses like that?

I actually got tempted to call and complain about the incident but at the same time I didn’t want them to think I’m a weirdo. haha. I’m a weirdo who doesn’t want to get sick (ironically, I’m actually very sick now with a bad stomach flu!). I hate repairmen from hell, and Phil from Bell, you’re SUPER GROSS!!!!!


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