Do you have standards????

There’s nothing better than having a heated discussion about one night stands and the number of people you’ve slept with over beers at the corner pub.

My best friend is getting married and out of her innocence (she’s the most honest, innocent person I’ve ever known!) she asked her fiancee about his “number”. In her surprise she got a bit of resistance before she finally got an answer out of him and that’s when I came into the picture and the conversation about standards.

He argued that at a typical guy in late 20s its normal to have a higher number of night stands compared to a woman in her late 20s. Us girls agreed with him but we argued that guys have pretty much next to no standards when it comes to just having one night stands and they would sleep with a girl even if she was unattractive. Girls on the other hand when it comes to one night stands have a higher level standards and they would go after a hot guy who has alpha male qualities.

The guys argued that they have some standard and they are picky about who they go home with, but I happen to run into an article on about “The science of one-night stands” which basically proves that we were right and they got no standards as long as there’s a promise of sex at the end of the night…


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