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I love how the weather in Toronto is all over the place. I don’t love the sucky-ness of it, just that it changes a lot. It provides me with lots of interesting photo opportunities. The view from my place changes from blue and green to gloomy and gray in the matter of minutes. TAKE COVER!!!!!! Freaky, eh!? On a brighter note, after 8 years of supporting me with my transportation needs and getting me from A to B (almost on time!), my little baby Jetta is finally all paid off!! I have amazing memories with this car. Learning how to drive an automatic car (What do you mean, I don’t need to change gears!!???), taking road trips to the cottage, first kiss (sorry mom! lol), my first car accident, getting lost in Buffalo and my first solo road trip to Ottawa. I was planning to take my baby and treat her to a nice spa day but then God provided a natural car wash. So, rain check!? lol Thank you for all your hard work …

Day Of Fun With VW Canada

After weeks of waiting the VW Freedriving Tour day came around. I felt like a teenage boy who finally got his full drivers permit and was getting schooled on the art of driving from one of the Top Gear guys. Yes, I’m a girl who loves cars and follows Top Gear, so what? 😉 After signing in and getting my track pass all setup, I took a little time to just watch other people go through their tests first, so I can figure out the course. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be able to read one particular sign… Here is a video of what I was watching, I’m not the best videographer, sorry! After watching other people have all the fun, it was my turn. check out how I did in the Tiguan, love the noise it makes when I’m flat on the floor…

2012 Beetle – It’s A Beast Of A Car!

Over the weekend I took part in VW Freedriving Tour in Toronto and I got a chance to take a closer look at the 2012 Beetle. Being a fan of VW cars, I always admired the Beetle but never though it would be a car I would drive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cute car but it always looked too bumpy and too round to appeal to me. Now, I must confess, I actually really like this car. It’s not just a cute car anymore. It’s meaner, more powerful and it even has lost some weight!