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Gingerbread Village!

Few yrs ago I made a gingerbread house for the first time and I loved it. It took a few friends and I couple of hours to put together and it was quite fun. I love the smell of gingerbread in the house and it looked so cute. This year after my spontaneous trip to Buffalo, I found a gingerbread mini village kit at Target and I had to have it. The village took a few hours to make and despite missing the green frosting package it turned out alright!


It’s November Movember again and all the Mos are growing well out there. If you’re not able to grow a Mo there are other ways to help with this great cause than making donations and raising money online. Sponsors of Movember all over the world offer Movember inspired items to raise money for prostate cancer research. Here’s some of my favorite products from Movember websites from all over the world. Australia – Mr Mo tees from Target Australia, who knew Australia has Target too! Canada – Every girl needs a Mo, I picked the The Georgina Demistache by Demitasse. Ireland – Handmade bicycle maker, Bear bicycle is the company behind these Mo bike. My favorite part of the bike, the Mo bell!