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Gallery Hotel Art Florence

Treat yourself to a luxury stay at Gallery Hotel Art Florence by Lungarno Collection in Florence.

Aga Khan Museum

After 4 years of talking, somewhat planning, driving by it, my mom and I finally went to Aga Khan Museum as part of her birthday weekend activities. This 4-year-old museum is a modern marvel to be experienced; with beautiful architecture and outdoor grounds, filled with the hope of opening a window in to the unfamiliar world of Muslim civilizations.   As an Iranian, it’s always fantastic to walk thru a museum and read the description of an exhibit only to find out that the item was made in Iran and has inspired generations of people across not only the Muslim world (Which was huge!) but all across the world for centuries. If you don’t believe me check out some of the ancient books on display by Avicenna. His “The Book of Healing” was used in universities to train doctor’s for centuries. We’re talking about 6 or 7 centuries! Check out this map that shows how far spread the Muslim world was to both east and west throughout the centuries. I digress, the Museum has a great in-house …

I Want Moody Walls…..

I found an interior designer, Amriko, who came up with this genius wall design. The idea of being able to change the colors of my walls according to my mood makes me HAPPY! haha The design is so simple…..and it provides millions of different combination. I would love something like this in my living room. I would have so much fun with it and treat it as a work of art!