Fat. Can It Actually Be Good For You?

Eunji and I are always trying to be healthy, watch what we eat and yes like everyone else we read the chart on all the food we buy. Doing all that is something’s a bit hard and can be tiresome, so we wanted to get more information about what we should eat and what we shouldn’t. What makes us fat and what doesn’t. So we went to our friend Dr. Michailidis to find out more about the dreaded F word, and he was nice enough to let us share this information with you guys.

We are bombarded with media information, advertising, and grocery products trying to sell and tell us that low-fat is where it’s at if you want to keep a thin waistline.  But how much of this information is scientific or non-scientific to be exact.  The truth is certain fats are a necessity for our bodies and some fats have shown that they can actually help in weight management.  If your interested in what fat can do for you then read on.

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Do Men Suffer More Than Women After Breakups?

I read an article with that title recently and I wasn’t sure how to react to it; my emotional side was all angry and making sarcastic mental comments and my logical side was analyzing what it was reading and finding it interesting. According to the Journal of Health and Social Behavior when it comes to matters of the heart and failed relationships men suffer more … Continue reading Do Men Suffer More Than Women After Breakups?

Purity Made Simple – Philosophy

A  while back, I did a review on Philosophy’s moisturizer, Hope in a Jar, and promised that I would do a follow-up on Hope in a Jar and a review of the cleanser, Purity Made Simple, since I bought them together. (Click here for the review on Purity Made Simple). This foaming cleanser is meant to be used for all skin types but when I was … Continue reading Purity Made Simple – Philosophy

Beauty Essentials

I’m a total beauty product junkie – probably something else Solmaz and I have in common. I’m always buying new products from Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart looking for the next “must-have” that will make my skin glow or just make me look plain ‘gorgeous’…lol. Having said that there are a few things that I have been using for years and years – products which are … Continue reading Beauty Essentials

Hope in a Jar – Philosophy

I was at Sephora few weeks ago since I needed a new moisturizer. I came across these products by Philosophy and since their products are some of Sephora’s best-sellers, I wanted to give them a try. After a brief discussion with one of their beauty consultants or whatever you call them, I purchased Hope in a Jar (moisturizer) and Purity Made Simple (foaming cleanser.) I haven’t used the … Continue reading Hope in a Jar – Philosophy