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No Shopping…For A Year???

I came across an interesting article on (The Toronto Star) about two shopaholic friends who decided to stop frivolous shopping for a whole year. (As in grocery shopping, yes… but cute new yellow shirt, no…) Can you imagine??? I think I’d die (no exaggeration here) if I could not shop for a whole year. Read the article about the two brave women ––shopaholics-go-cold-turkey They write a blog about their experience at – I read a few of their recent posts and they’re very entertaining and even insightful on many occasions. They talk about their everyday life without shopping, outline their friendship of 20-something odd years through anecdotes and provide the ups and downs of “Fashion Rehab.” I don’t think it’s something I would try any time soon but it is quite inspiring. I think their blog will be my inspiration to shop less… I mean, if they can do it, I can at least try, right? Wish me luck!   (I thought I’d stamp my post with a picture of me today) E