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I Feel Fur-tastic Today!

I was never a big fan of fur or anything fur related BUT I love the look of a beautiful fur collared jacket on a woman with her hair nicely resting over the fur. It’s super hot. I came across this little gem on a bargain hunting mission to Anthropologie and I finally gave in and gave the fur a try. Beside the great price, I love how the fur is detachable, which means I have a versatile black cardigan! I probably wouldn’t wear the cardigan on its own but I like to have the option. Here is how I decided to wear my new cardigan to work, and show it off as an attachment to my jacket….The color of the fur worked perfectly with my brown leather jacket. I know, like before, it’s not the full look and it’s a quick Blackberry picture but you get the idea. I hope!Here’s a list of what I’m wearing… In this picture: Fur Collar: Laureate Lane Irina faux fur cardigan Jacket: Danier biker jacket Top: Banana Republic …

Waaay Back, Playback – OMC – How Bizzare

How Bizzare was released in 1996 by a group from New Zealand called OMC, or Otara Millionaires Club. The name of a group is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Otara one of the poorest suburbs of Auckland. This song was such a hit in New Zealand and later in the rest of the world that it was named one of the greatest New Zealand songs of all times by The Australasian Performing Right Association; Personally I don’t know if it was thaaaaaaaaaaaat great. I remember the first time I heard “How Bizzare” I was so annoyed by the voice of the frontman, Pauly Fuemana, that I had to switch the channel. Now, I just play it for kicks while I’m driving on a sunny day. After the death of Pauly Fuemana at the age of 40 on January 31 of this year, How Bizzare had made a comeback to the singles charts and hit #40. Now How Bizzare is that! sa