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Mad About The Brit

With the wedding of a century under way tomorrow morning everyone is wondering who’s going to be the lucky designer behind Kate’s dress. Although I wish the happy royal couple all the best, I’m not going to follow everyone else and write about “who will she be wearing”. I’m just sharing a few fun pieces I’ve seen lately that have a British twist to it. Who doesn’t love a Union Jack inspired little something something?

Lancaster Cosmetics, where are you?

I’m not sure why, when but apparently Lancaster Cosmetics is no longer available in Canada or United States. I’m not even sure if they even have a makeup line anymore, which is just bad timing since I just found the best red lipstick thanks to them. I found a little sample case of lipstick by this brand that I can not remember where or how I got and I am completely in LOVE with red shade in this case, “Star – 214” by Lancaster Rouge Grace Moisturizing Lipstick. I usually don’t like wearing lipsticks but this particular one has a great texture and it lasts all day without coming off and coloring your teeth or getting nasty on your lips, so bonus, bonus!!! I am on a mission to find this thing but so far I had no luck what so ever, all my google searches ended up in online stores who are out of stock. Sigh…So if any of you lovely people know where or how I can get my hands on one of …