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Perfect Maxi Skirt…

While hanging out at the Rachel Zoe event at Holt Renfrew I kept getting drawn towards this AMAZING maxi skirt that was in front of me…. I’ve been looking for the perfect skirt for a while now and this one checks all the boxes…. Too bad, it wasn’t on sale at Holt Renfrew… Hope she doesn’t mind I snapped her picture! Who knows, where this skirt is from?? solmaz   UPDATE: This is the Shannon printed maxi skirt from Alice+Olivia and is available on Net-A-Porter website! Thanks to Susu for letting me know! 🙂  

Maxi Skirts….

After watching the videos for Lanvin’s Spring/Summer 2011 and drooling over all the ads for the brightly colored maxi skirt I decided I should give the maxi skirt a try. Knowing fully well that I can’t afford the Lanvin one I decided to hunt down the perfect maxi skirt available in my price range or somewhere close to it. To be honest I still feel I’m about 30cm too short to wear a maxi skirt confidently, but I’m brave enough to give it a try.  Here are a couple of skirts that I found and I think they do the job for POP of color, fit and budget. Here is the Lanvin skirt…

Net-A-Porter Wishlist

Now that everyone out there knows it’s the Persian new year today, I thought I should put my wishlist from Net-A-Porter out here for the world to see. Maybe someone out there realizes that I’ve been a good girl and would give me one of these pieces as my new year’s present. haha, a girl can wish, right?   sa