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Wow, they were not kidding

I’ve been busy looking for jobs all over the place for the last few days and I must say, it’s a job to find a job. Just sorting through the job listings, different resume versions and skills and references and certificates and….sigh….I’m tired suddenly and I haven’t even moved away from my coach all day. My living room has become my permanent office for now. I eat, work, talk on the phone and fall sleep right here. Workopolis and are my close friends. It’s sad, I know, but I have to do it. I found so many websites to post my resume, applied for at least 20 jobs since yesterday and now the waiting game begins. I’m gonna continue on my search for the perfect job tomorrow!! unemployed tdotgirl… p.s.: if you guys know of any interesting job fairs, job listings or career websites let me know!

Black boots make me happy….

I don’t know what it is about a nice pair of black boots that just makes my mouth water. Doesn’t matter if its leather or suede I love them all. This year I’m in search for a knee length pair of boots to replace my beloved, suede ones. I wear those babies everyday of the winter and I finally wore out the heels and had to replace them. ♣♣ My criteria: – Knee length: I don’t like super long ones since they mess with my body proportions, and I already have a pair of fabulous ankle boots that can carry me over at least for another yr. – Must be leather or suede: I don’t do fake stuff. I find it wont last as long. The better the fabric and maintenance the longer you can enjoy your boots! – Details: I don’t mind shoes/boots with some detail or buckle, strap on them. But it has to be delicate looking, nothing worse than a chunky pair of boots, unless you are in the army or work …

Love the Discounts!

I’m not sure why people are still talking about the recession and using lines  like “in these tough times”, I work in a retail store and I see no tough times, i see lots of demanding people who want to get more for their buck but oh boy oh boy, they have no problem dropping a few bills for a pair of pants, t-shirts and a sweater given the perk of having their discount coupons!!!! I for one love discounts and promotions and secret shopping events. There’s nothing better than knowing that I paid %40 less than other people for my cashmere sweater, or that I remembered that there was a %20 discount coupon in LouLou for a store that I want to shop at. One of the things I have learned by working in retail is, always make friends with the staff or the managers, it pays off! I’m not saying like anything sketchy is going on, but lets say they might give you an extra coupon or let you know when new items …