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I Work In Fashion Merchandising

I saw this YouTube video a few days ago and I could not stop laughing about it. I can say that everyone in my family and group of friends has always asked me “what do you actually do?”. I usually get them all confused with my definition of this job title and end up just telling them that “I pimp up the store!” and the conversation stops there. Thanks to this video, now I can just direct them to the YouTube link. If you work in a retail environment and specially in the merchandising/visual department, you’ll totally get this video. ENJOY! sa

Someone loves Canada!!

After buying my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, I started following his line and once in a while I see interesting items that are so cute. So the other day when I opened my email and read that there’s a limited edition Mr and Miss Marc winter inspired t–shirt  just for Canada I was super excited! Holt Renfrew is exclusively carrying these fun tees and it retails for $65 and apparently it comes with its own gift box. I went today to see how they are and I thought they were cute little additions to my wardrobe, something to throw on for weekends with a pair of jeans. The tees come in white and grey with the above graphic and if you’re just a fan of Miss Marc there’s a tee just with her and it’s $80 in hot pink and grey. So go check them out before they sellout!!! sa


I fell in love with the Polyvore website, it’s everything a girl could ask for. Polyvore is an online resource for someone who wants to window shop, play dress up or just spend a few hours looking through creative assortments of pictures. With the help of one of their browser plug-in, you can add almost any item from any online store to its massive library and use those pieces to put together an outfit or a piece of art. When each of these creations are done, they look like the above picture. But Polyvore offers a great tool to its users beside letting them play stylist online, each piece of the above picture has a link attached to it and by a simple click of the mouse you are off to the specific website for each item, taking the guess-work and the hassle of browsing through pages and pages of different website to a thing of the past. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t let me add the proper code to the picture so, I can’t properly demonstrate …