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Lloyd – Lay It Down

I’m really liking this new song from Lloyd. The way he sings in this song is slightly reminiscent of Michael Jackson  and it’s nice to hear some good R & B for a change. I don’t know why but songs like this always seem to fit Fall or Winter – a definite sign that we are getting to the chillier months… enjoy! E

Taio Cruz ft. Kesha – Dirty Picture

Both Taio Cruz and Ke$ha are fairly new up-and-coming artists who have hit singles so it makes sense for them to do a collabo on this song (double the “it” factor maybe?) Anyway, this song isn’t that great. It’s predictable and slightly annoying but it gets stuck in your head. Yeah, so I thought everyone else should listen to it and see if it gets stuck in your head too. lol… Don’t say I didn’t warn ya :p E