Remember No Mercy?… MusicbySaje

Remember the Latin pop group No Mercy? They were big in early 90s and somehow after a few years they were gone. I just heard their “Where Do You Go” song on the radio yesterday and it made me laugh so much. I had one of those I wonder where they are now moments.

I use to think they were so cute! Hahaha…and I’m going to confess and say I actually have their “No Mercy” album on a cassette somewhere in my parent’s house. I wish I had it here with me so I could play it in my car and probably be shocked about how I still remember the lyrics. lol

Here are some of their well-known songs. If the videos don’t play on my page, it’s worth the extra click to watch them on YouTube. Trust me! ūüėČ


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Taio Cruz ft. Kesha – Dirty Picture

Both Taio¬†Cruz and Ke$ha are fairly¬†new up-and-coming artists who have hit singles so it makes sense for them to do a collabo¬†on this song (double the “it” factor maybe?) Anyway, this song isn’t that great. It’s predictable and slightly annoying but it gets stuck in your head. Yeah, so I thought everyone else should listen to it and see if it gets stuck in your … Continue reading Taio Cruz ft. Kesha – Dirty Picture