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Bookmarks As Art…. #OOAKX11

I bought a collection of bookmarks from abstract painter Stephen Gillberry at the One of a Kind Show and I’m planning BIG things with them. They are colorful, textured and I love them! Mr. Gillberry was quite entertained by my plans with his abstract bookmarks. He told me he is almost certain that I have the biggest collection of bookmarks anywhere. haha All I have to do now is play around with them to find the best layout and then frame them up! Solmaz

Tin House Designs #OOAKX11

I found a great, unique art piece to add to my home. Framed oxidized tin tiles from TinHouse Designs are amazing. Tyler Kilkenny the artist behind these amazing pieces has brought together history, texture, beauty and uniqueness all in one place. They are so many sizes, designs and colors to these tiles, it was so hard for me to pick just one from many many variations. After visiting TinHouse’s booth at OOAKX11, I was ready to pick my favorite design and here it is. I love the gradual hue changes on this tile, its beautiful. The different colors on each tile is a result of their age, location and the way the tiles were treated and striped of their paint. The one I picked out has some sort of oil treated treatment done on it, hence the rainbow effect. Another great thing about these frames are the stories that comes with them. Each single frame has its story printed on its back and the artist’s signature. It’s so cool to know that my little tile …

I Found My Brunch At #OOAKX11

Last week I took a day to visit the Christmas edition of One of a Kind Show and I went a bit food crazy! This morning I decided to have my favorite thing for brunch/breakfast, Smoked salmon, cream cheese and rye bread topped with diced garlic scapes…..YUM! I never had even heard of scapes till few days ago when I stopped by The Garlic Box‘s booth at the OOAK show. This is a perfect mixture of garlic & scapes, making it great for pretty much anything; burgers, dressings and anything else you would use capers for. Add some delicious smoked salmon from Canadian select, cream cheese on top of a rye bread and taa daaa…. Who wouldn’t wanna eat a beautiful and tasty smoked salmon sandwich.   Solmaz