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Go Team Canada!

 The Canada vs. US hockey game is on at the moment. I know we’ve won a lot of medals already, but this is probably one of the most important games during this Olympics since it’s hockey and it’s against the US, one of our biggest rivals. I know we’re going to win, but it’s kind of nerve-wracking since the US is winning right now. I hope we kick some American ass tonight. Go Team Canada! E Update: I can’t believe we lost 😦 Good job to the U.S. Team for a good game but I wish we hadn’t lost.

Update – Vancouver Olympics 2010

I guess now that we got a little bit of snow, the Olympics organizers in Vancouver can take a sigh of relief. I was reading somewhere that pretty much all the snow on the mountains has to be artificial and even then there might not be enough to cover everything. How funny would it be if 2 days before the Olympics start we have to cancel it. I don’t think anything like that has ever happened, and if they cancel it does that mean there would be no Olympics in 2010 or that the location has to be different? So confusing. But either way, world, have no fear. We have snow now!!!!

Canadian actors for BC…

I just saw a commercial for British Columbia on TV and even though I’ve never been to BC it made me want to go there. I always thought Canada needs to advertise itself better to get more tourists, internally and externally. So when I saw Steve Nash, Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Eric McCormack, Kim Cattrall and Sarah McLachlan on this ad I was super happy that Canada or at least BC is spending some money to promote themselves, I guess that’s all because of the Olympics 2010 in Vancouver. Take a look and tell me what you think… sa