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Remember No Mercy?… MusicbySaje

Remember the Latin pop group No Mercy? They were big in early 90s and somehow after a few years they were gone. I just heard their “Where Do You Go” song on the radio yesterday and it made me laugh so much. I had one of those I wonder where they are now moments. I use to think they were so cute! Hahaha…and I’m going to confess and say I actually have their “No Mercy” album on a cassette somewhere in my parent’s house. I wish I had it here with me so I could play it in my car and probably be shocked about how I still remember the lyrics. lol Here are some of their well-known songs. If the videos don’t play on my page, it’s worth the extra click to watch them on YouTube. Trust me! πŸ˜‰ Solmaz

90s Music and The Forgotten Artists

Thanks to my co-workers massive music collection I started looking up some favorite music from the 90s and I found some fantastic songs and videos that brought back memories from my highschool years. So I decided to make some time and post some of my favorite oldies here, I don’t even know if half these people are still around. The music videos are not the best quality and the cheese factor is HIGH! I’ll try doing few videos every once in while so it wouldn’t be too over whelming bringing those memories for you guys. So Enjoy! Jon Secada – If You Go Gala – Free From Desire Real McCoy – Automatic Lover (Call For Love) Real McCoy – Another Night had to put this one on too, lots of fun memories. sa